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Easily Access your iPhone on Your Bike with Mounty Case

If you're a keen cyclist there are a lot of accessories that promise to keep your iPhone safe during the bumpy ride, but Mounty's new case also means your smartphone is visible and easily accessible.

The Mounty iPhone Case is made out of rubber and can be easily attached not only to bikes, but also motorcycles, scooters, buggies, shopping carts or any other suitable object you can think of. We should point out that the Mounty case is stretchable and can fit to a wide variety of smartphones.

With this new product, Mounty indulges our dependence on smartphones and the need to have it constantly at hand. The accessory is funky looking, it protects your phone and provides easy access to the smartphone at the same time.

Now your iPhone, or the smartphone of preference, can be used on the road to help bikers find their way with GPS and mapping, for shopping lists on a supermarket trolley, as well as for entertainment on the go.

The manufacturer even proposes you could use your smartphone's flashlight as a front light for your bike, since it has a whole for the camera and flash - this also enables you to record video or take pictures from your bike (or shopping trolley) on the move.