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Fulton Innovation Demos New Capabilities of eCoupled Wireless Technology at CES

Recently, at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Fulton Innovation announced a technical breakthrough in wireless power by giving a demo of multi protocol, multi range and multi surface applications. Fulton Innovation is known for creating the eCoupled intelligent wireless power.

Taking wireless technology to another level, the company showed off newer capabilities of the eCoupled which can now charge a mobile phone even if it is not directly located on the charging surface of the device. The mobile phone can be charged even when it is in the wireless power transmitter's general area, be it inside a bag or purse or something else.

The company has not disclosed a specific range of this facility, but definitely a direct contact with the surface is no longer a necessity, reports Market Watch.

Even though theoretically it seems this new technology will work for small devices only, the company claims it can wirelessly charge even a Tesla electric car by just driving it over the designated charging spot.

The company has developed "advanced wireless power solution," capable of building in almost all surfaces that include packaging and publications.