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Google Search for Android Update is 'Faster and Smoother'

Google has announced that it has updated Google Search for all versions of Android earlier than Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

In an official blog post, the company said that the update makes Google Search on Android much faster and more responsive.

The update from Google includes an improved and simplified user interface which makes Google search on Android a far smoother experience. Google also said that users will get to see search suggestions grouped by type, with web suggestions displayed at the top.

Users will also be able to give country specific suggestions as well as suggestions for all countries where Google operates. Another addition is that users will now be able to long press in order to remove items from the history.

Google also explained that users can get suggestions from other apps as well, from the searchable items page from the Search setting. Furthermore, the company said that users will be able to add a search suggestion to their search term by tapping the arrow which appears alongside the suggestions.

The new updated Google Search is available from Android Market for Android versions 2.2. 2.3 and 3.x.