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Google Updates GoogleMaps Service for Android

Google has introduced a new update to its GoogleMaps service for Android.

The new update, according to the company, brings along with it improved battery life as well as better location tracking capability in Google Latitude.Apart from that, the new update is also accompanied by an enhanced Transit Navigation feature- an aspect which will help users get a better idea of their whereabouts even if GPS signals are lost.

According to many Android observers, amongst the new enhancements, the improved battery life could be termed as the most vital one.“With the latest update to Maps, Google is seeking to address the biggest issue with the application in battery life compared to previous versions as well as adding additional features for users of public transport,” said Humberto Saabedra of PhoneNews noted on his report.

It is worth mentioning here that Google Latitude has been quite infamous for its adverse effect on the battery life of Android devices.The update, however, failed to make tech headlines owing to the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show, wherein other tech heavyweights like Nokia and Microsoft are unveiling and promoting their forthcoming products.