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Imagination Technologies Launches iPhone 5 Bound PowerVR Series 6 GPU

UK-based Imagination Technologies has finally announced the first IP cores for its next generation PowerVR Series6 GPU cores, namely the G6200 and the G6400, at the CES 2012 event (rather than the Mobile World Congress); the 6200 comes with two compute clusters compared to four for the 6400.

As we exclusively reported nearly one year ago at MWC 2011, Series6 is expected to be 20 times faster than Series5 or roughly 100x faster than the graphics core that powered the original iPhone.

However, on a per core basis, clock for clock, one can expect the performance gain to be less - although David Harold from PowerVR confirmed last year that the performance comparisons were for comparable power envelopes.

Imagination Technologies claimed that Series6 GPU cores will offer computing performance "exceeding 100GFLOPS" and smashing the TeraFLOPS barrier in the near future.

Texas Instruments, MediaTek, Renesas and ST-Ericsson have all been confirmed as licensees, with Apple (which could use it for the iPhone 5 or the iPad 3), Intel and Samsung likely to be preparing products based on Rogue.

ST-Ericsson has already announced a system on chip, the Nova A9600, which was sampled at the end of last year.