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Moneto Case Brings NFC Payment Capabilities to iPhone, Android Handsets

DeviceFidelity and SpringCard Systems have partnered to launch a new NFC based mobile payments platform for iPhone and Android based smartphones.

The companies revealed that the Moneto iPhone wallet, which comes in the form of a case with an NFC compatible microSD card, is powered by MasterCard PayPass technology, NFCNews reports.

The service will also come with a MasterCard companion card, which will be linked to the user's moneto account, to allow users to withdraw cash from ATMs and make online payments, as well as pay in shops which don't support NFC technology.

Interested users should visit the website to register themselves and to acquire the smartphone case which comes with a microSD card and NFC.

Next, users will need to install the moneto app from the App Store or Android Market and activate their account. The app will allow users to check their account balance, view past transactions and use it to make NFC payments.

"As this breakthrough mobile wallet launches in the US, it not only makes mobile payments available to iPhone users for the first time but it also opens the door for consumers to adopt NFC while pushing mobile commerce forward," Deepak Jain, DeviceFidelity President and CEO stated.

"We are excited to partner with MasterCard and SpringCard to break the barriers for a rapid effective rollout that will spur both consumers and merchants to adopt this new wave of electronic commerce," he added.