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Nokia to Sell 37 Million Windows Phone Handsets in 2012

With Nokia and Microsoft partnering to offer some amazing devices in 2012, analysts are predicting these two companies will witness a surge in sales this year. The two partners will offer updated hardware and are also planning some heavy promotional activity.

According to analysts at global financial services firm Morgan Stanley, Nokia's Windows Phone shipment will touch 37 million units in the current year, and in 2013 this figure will be 64 million units.

In fact, HTC will also ship more Windows Phone Devices this year, with the analysts predicting the total number of Windows Phone handsets shipped this year to be more than 40 million units.

Steve Ballmer, CEO at Microsoft, commented during the Consumer Electronics Show, "we've got a lot of room to go in selling Windows Phones," further adding,"but I feel very much like the work we're doing is really going to pay off," Mobiledia reports.

Nokia and Microsoft have already hit the market with the entry level Lumia 710, and more high-end Lumia 800 which have had positive reviews. The Lumia 900 has also just been announced, and should be hitting markets soon, see pics and video here.