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Nokia Confirms Lumia 900 Does Not Have Pentile Display

Nokia's latest Windows Phone smartphone, the Lumia 900, comes with a "Clear Black" AMOLED display, but unlike the Lumia 800 it does not have a Pentile Matrix layout. The company confirmed that the device will have subpixels in RGB array and not in RGBG array.

This change will bring a few improvements to the smartphone as users will get better fine-grain detail and also avoid subtle colour-fringing, which the Lumia 800 displays on high-contrast edges.

Even though the company took its time to disclose this information and kept its focus on the AMOLED display, according to The Verge this could be considered the best undocumented upgrade of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Even though Nokia is referring the displays of Lumia 710, Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 as ClearBlack, pointing to the anti-reflective polarizer feature, the technology behind the displays is different, see images showing the contrast between the three Lumia screens here.

The Nokia 900 will enter the US market very soon and will have 4G LTE connectivity. According to analysts Nokia and Windows Phone should see a big upturn in fortunes this year, with the former expected to ship 37 million units in 2012.