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Panasonic Picture Frame Includes Skype

Panasonic has shown off a digital picture frame that features built in Skype as well as access to social networks, potentially bringing about the casual video calling seen in many a futuristic movie.

While in reality it's more like a tablet that you place on a specific surface, the Panasonic, Skype capable photo frame can handle images, video playback and calling along with social network interaction. It can display Facebook and Twitter feeds, allowing the chef to keep up to date with what's going on while in the kitchen, or those taking a bath to have a Skype call with friends. Very intimate friends I guess.

The only real issue here is that it's attached to a stand. Surely a standard tablet would be more versatile? Ultimately it will probably come down to cost. If this tablet - with its reduced functionality - is much cheaper than alternatives, then it could offer something new to the market that is fast becoming saturated with slimline touch screen devices.

I can't help but feel if I owned one of these, that an angry asian man would shout "Mcfly!" at me if I scanned my card into it.