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PowerTrekk Smartphone Charger Runs On Water

A Sweden based company has unveiled a new USB charger for smartphones and other devices which runs on water.

The PowerTrekk charger uses sodium silicide as its main source, which reacts with water to produce the charge. The device comes with a USB port, capable of charging several devices like smartphones, cameras, GPS devices and lamps.

One tablespoon of water added can charge a phone for up to 10 hours, with replacement sodium cells costing £1.60.

Sodium Silicide is a new chemical powder which has been invented by New York based, green technology company SiGNa Chemistry. PowerTrekk is the first such product to use the new chemical.

According to an article by The Daily Mail, the device was first previewed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona last year, and an updated version is being demoed at the on-going CES in Las Vegas.

"PowerTrekk has a competitive edge over traditional portable chargers," said Björn Westerholm of myFC, the company which developed the charger.

"Fuel cell power is generated immediately and charging is not impacted by weather or the position of the sun, as for solar panels. Compared to battery powered travel chargers, PowerTrekk offers reliable charging as the fuel packs do not deplete as batteries do," he added.