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RIM Displays Concept Car Featuring QNX Platform at CES 2012

BlackBerry maker Research in Motion displayed something unique at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 in Las Vegas. The company at this reputed international event focused on automotive technology.

RIM displayed its Porsche Carrera concept car, based on the company's QNX platform, which has various innovative features. Interestingly, QNX also happens to be the basis of RIM's next generation mobile operating system.

QNX was acquired by RIM in the beginning of 2010 which primarily powered in-car infotainment systems - the operating system also runs dashboard instrumentation clusters. QNX also offered "acoustic processing systems for hands-free voice in a number of cars".

And interestingly, all the systems made available by the QNX platform have been made accessible to auto manufacturers who can customise QNX technologies in accordance with their particular specifications.

QNX Car 2 is the next version of this unique platform that has an auto-centric HTML5 framework, reports Information Week.

Features of this concept car include a center console NFC chip, touch interface with similar controls, menus and so on and so forth.