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Shadow Minister Critises UK Government Over Handling of 4G Spectrum Auction

Helen Goodman, the Labour party's shadow minister for media, recently made a condemning statement on the UK government's handling of the 4G spectrum auction to be held towards the end of this year.

Goodman claimed the slow progress of the auction is actually costing UK taxpayers' huge amounts of money in lost of revenue every year. According to Goodman, the 4G spectrum auction could have raised £2 billion and £4 billion in capital, apart for generating around £300 million per year in licencing fees.

In the statement, the minister said, "The auction could have taken place in 2010 but this government decided not to give Ofcom the backup to go ahead with the sale of 4G," reports Computing.

She also emphasised that consumers are looking for better mobile coverage specifically in rural areas and that the government is taking 18 months to hold the auction is actually disappointing.

The reason behind the delay is the ongoing conflict between various network operators over various issues and also the response of the government and so on and so forth. Due to all these issues, it seems the UK will be the last country in Europe to get 4G spectrum connectivity.