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Sony Slashes PSP Go Console Price To £70 (Update OOS Already)

Sony has cut the price of the PSP Go console (in white) as it prepares for the launch of its next generation portable gaming device, the PS Vita, next month in Europe.

The PSP Go can be had for as little as £70 from Sony's official Ebay outlet with full warranty and free delivery (ed: the initial batch has sold out). That's less than a third of the retail price of the likes of Sainsburys which sells the same console for £225.

The PSP Go - otherwise known as the N1000 - is the smallest and lightest PSP yet at just 160g, and was released back in October 2009 before being discontinued in April 2011.

The console comes with 16GB onboard storage and a 3.8-inch 480x272 pixel LCD, slightly smaller than the previous PSP models.

The PSP Go is powered by a MIPS processor clocked at 333MHz with 64MB RAM, Wi-Fi, USB 2.0, Bluetooth and PS3 compatibility.

Because the PSP Go doesn't have a UMD drive, games have to be downloaded from the PlayStation Store, and last year Sony gave away 10 free games to PSP Go users.

As for the PS Vita, it will be by far the most powerful dedicated portable gaming console on the market, one that comes with a quad core processor and a quad core GPU.