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Two Fifths of iPhones in UK have Cracked Screens

According to a new report, about 57% of British iPhone owners have managed to crack the screen on their pricey handset at some point. Moreover, 42% of them still prefer to use their cracked or broken iPhone because it works fine and they don't want to claim the insurance, Newslite reports.

The report also reveals that more than a quarter of iPhone owners had broken their handsets in the first month after the purchase, and the majority of accidents happen in the first three months of iPhone ownership.

The study was conducted by, and one of the company's representatives expressed his surprise about the study's findings.

"To see that as many as two fifths of iPhone owners are currently using a phone with a broken screen is surprising, but it's even more surprising that so many haven't bothered to fix them because they still work fine!"

He encourages people to make sure they have good insurance to cover their favourite gadgets against accidents, and warns they might suffer if they decide to postpone the repairs. Without such an insurance, there is obviously a high risk of breakage which might end in a very expensive repair bill.