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Sony Music Unlimited Service Coming to iPhone, iPad, iPod by April

For a while, Apple fans have had to look with a bit of envy over at Android device owners who have the chance of using Sony's Music Unlimited streaming music service.

However, the giant Japanese company will soon be offering the Music Unlimited free app on the iOS platform so iPhone, iPad and iPod users can enjoy Sony's music streaming service.

The release is expected before the end of March, as Tim Schaaff, head of Sony Entertainment Network revealed at a "small media gathering" at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, to which tech site VentureBeat were privy.

Additionally, Sony's app for iOS comes with a caching feature allowing users to enjoy their saved playlists even when they are offline. Competitors like Spotify and Rdio have already brought offline catching for their subscribers and Sony is not one to miss out on a trend.

According to Tim Schaaff, the Music Unlimited service has already managed to lure over 1 million active users who discovered the advantages of this service on their PC or Android devices. The number is expected to grow significantly now with the expanded availability.

In order to appeal to more nostalgic customers, Sony also unveiled at CES a new Walkman, the Walkman Z, which is powered by Android.