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AMD demos Lightning Bolt USB killer technology at CES

The latest edition of the massively anticipated Consumer Electronic Show witnessed chip-maker AMD demonstrating its forthcoming offering Lightning Bolt - the company's answer to Intel's USB killing technology Thunderbolt.

AMD opted to make the demonstration behind closed doors only, therefore not revealing too much information to its rivals about what the company is really up to.

According to reports, the new Lighting Bolt technology will come as a one-stop-solution for display, USB 3.0 as well as power connectivity - where all these three aspects will be handled by one single cable, once the technology hits the market.

The Thunderbolt technology rolled out by Intel happens to be the first ever multi-use-interface, capable of delivering up to 10Gbps data transfer speed, per channel. This technology was first used by Apple, in their MacBook line up.

How fast or how slow AMD's Lightning Bolt will be in comparison to Thunderbolt (and USB 3.0), is yet to be known.

AMD brags that the Lightning Bolt multiplexor on laptops will cost users somewhere around the $1 mark. Apart from that, it will require just a conventional mini display-port cable and some minor changes.

Though the company did not specify any timeline for its arrival in the consumer market, AMD is hopeful that Lightning Bolt will hit users' devices by the end of the year.