Apple to Allow External Monitors at Supplier Factories

iPhone maker Apple is going to allow independent observers to monitor the working conditions in its suppliers' facilities all around the world, according to the latest reports.

The move by the company has come after it was subject to severe criticism from all concerned corners regarding below-standard working conditions in many of its key manufacturers' factories. According to industry observers, Apple was left with virtually no alternative to improve its image as a responsible corporate entity.

The company made an official agreement with the FLA (Fair Labor Association) which was founded in order to closely monitor global workplace conditions.

"We welcome Apple's commitment to greater transparency and independent oversight," Auret van Heerden, CEO of the Washington-based labor group, commented, USA Today reports.

Last week saw Apple publishing its 6th annual supplier responsibility report. The report gave a detailed overview of its audits carried out in its global suppliers' factories.

According to Apple, the company carried out over 200 audits throughout its supply chain last year.

Apart from learning about the working conditions, the report was also aimed at monitoring the environmental impact of its suppliers' facilities, as well as their work ethics and management systems, the iPhone maker explained.