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ARM dismisses Intel attempt at breaking into the mobile phone and tablet market

Arm Holdings, the UK based semiconductor outfit that are one of the key players in the market for low power processors, has "shrugged off" attempts made by Intel to expand its empire in low-cost processors that are found in mobile devices.

Warren East, CEO at ARM, in an interview at the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 said that it considered Intel a serious competitor. He also added, "Are they ever going to be the leaders in power efficiency? No, of course not. But they have a lot more to offer." reports Reuters.

The new efforts poured in by Intel are "good enough" but the company is definitely not a true competitor of ARM's designs. Intel actually took up few plans, which were not meant for smartphones, however, the company has changed those designs to bring them in a power-performance space that works well for mobile phones, stated the CEO.

Earlier, at the international event, Intel declared their entry into the tablet and smartphone chip market with Motorola Mobilty and also Lenovo. These will be powered by the Android operating system, whilst running on latest "Medfield" chip from Intel.

Warren East said that ARM's latest Cortex A7 performance is similar to chips that was introduced into smartphone a year ago, but now consumes 20-percent power as compared to other products floating out there in the market.