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Bing Surpasses Yahoo!, Takes Second Place in Search Market Behind Google

Having been through some rather challenging times and costing the company a hefty sum, Microsoft's search engine Bing has at last managed to climb up to second in the Google dominated unipolar Internet search market.

The company, however, still has a lot of distance to cover before finally offering some serious challenge to the Mountain View based search behemoth for the numero uno position.

According to the latest statistics revealed by the research outfit comScore Inc., Bing managed to bag some 2.75 billion search requests in the U.S during December 2011, reports Fox News. With this, the company has taken the lead over Yahoo! for the first time, thus pushing the latter to the third spot in the search market race.

Indeed, this is a remarkable achievement for the Redmond based Windows maker, especially considering how the company's online division suffered a hefty operating loss of about $7 billion since June 2008.

Google however, continues to dominate the market by bagging 12 billion search requests in the U.S during the same month, meaning the company processed about 70 percent of all search requests in the country during the time frame.