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CES 2012 breaks all records in its 44 year history, with 20,000 devices launched in a week

According to the Consumer Electronics Association, this year's International Consumer Electronics Show hit a new landmark with over 153,000 attendees. This happens to be the largest turnout in CES' 44 year-old history.

After being hit by recession in the late 2000s, the event held in Las Vegas also recorded more than 3,100 exhibitors this year. The 2012 event holds the record of having the biggest ever occupied floor space in its history, with 1.861 million net square feet area used, as exhibit space.

The Association also reported that, this year's media coverage was also increased by over 33-percent and in the past one week more than 2,000 articles about the global event were published, reports Multichannel News.

On Friday, CEA president and CEO Gary Shapiro, stated that, "The 2012 CES was the most phenomenal show in our history, generating more energy and excitement across every major industry touching technology than ever before."

The show also witnessed the launch of more than 20,000 new devices, and within just a single week. The Consumer Electronics Association also revealed that the 2013 show will start from January 8 and end on the 11th, where that Las Vegas event is already "generating significant interest".

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