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Discontinued HP TouchPad Gets Android Makeover

The officially discontinued HP TouchPad tablet computer is on the verge of getting an Android makeover by the CyanogenMod team, according to reports.

The team confirmed that everything else except the camera along with video playback is working perfectly on the device and that these two functions are "well on their way in terms of progress, and hope to give you something to play with soon," reports Android Police.

The team is engaged in the development of an alpha 1 and alpha 2 build of the CM7 platform, however, as the CM9 is about to make its entry, it seems things will be lot better in terms of functionalities.

For the record, the CyanogenMod team recently declared they have reached the impressive 1 million user milestone which involves official and unofficial installations.

This team of developers is best known for making some rather impressive tweaks to the Android platform. They not only give life to old, discontinued devices, but also help remove limitations put on them by manufacturers and carriers.

The new Android makeover for the HP TouchPad seems like a great effort to bring back the tablet which definitely required reconsideration because of its great performance.