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Intel Fakes Demo of DirectX 11 Graphics on Ive Bridge Ultrabook at CES 2012?

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Mooly Eden, general manager at Intel's PC client group, made a blunder when he appeared onstage to give a demo of DirectX 11 graphics on an Ivy Bridge Ultrabook.

In the live demo, the general manager was originally supposed to display the DX11 power of the Ivy Bridge Ultrabooks by playing the F1 2011 game. The setup had a steering wheel and the Codemaster's F1 2011 installed on the Ultrabook, which was to run on DX11 mode. However, the moment Eden got hold of the wheel of the controller, the control panel of the VLC player made a brief appearance from below. The appearance of VLC obviously proves the demo was in fact, pre-recorded.

Soon after, the company went into damage control rejecting any rumour that the company was involved in a live demo of the DX11 capacity of Ivy Bridge.

The moment was a little embarrassing for the company, more so because right after, Eden removed his hands from the wheel and commented that there is no need to use his hands as "they are driving it from backstage," reports Maximum PC.

The fake demo questions the DX11 capacity of Ivy Bridge. However, the company later invited Anadtech to check the live demo on the Ultrabook and it seems they are happy with its performance, Maximum PC reports.