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Lenovo Introduces the IdeaPad S200 and IdeaPad S206 at CES 2012

At the recent Consumer Electronics Show 2012, Lenovo launched the IdeaPad S200 and the IdeaPad S206. The company described these two devices as mini laptops that meet the computing needs of those that want something in between a notebook and netbook.

Both devices weigh 2.8 pound andresemble netbooks complete with dual core processors. IdeaPad S200 features Intel dual core processor while the IdeaPad S206 features an AMD dual core processor. And unlike 10.1 inch screen netbooks, both have 11.6 inch widescreen displays.

The display screen is 1,366 x 768 HD resolution and an Accutype keyboard with individual rounded keys.

The devices also has Lenovo Quick Start instant-on keys that use a Linux kernel so users can connect to the Internet in a few seconds or to use some basic apps without any need to start Windows, reports PC Mag.

Both devices are available in 320GB or 500GB, 5,400 or 7,200 rpm hard drives capability - the S200 has a 32GB solid state drive. To be shipped from June of this year, the starting price of these devices has been fixed at $349 and will come in Pink, Blue, Red, White and Grey.