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Online Retailer Clove Offers 40-Day Trial for Nokia Lumia 800

The Nokia Lumia 800, powered by the Windows Phone platform, will be made available via online retailer Clove with an exciting 40-day "Love Me, Keep Me" trial offer.

The online retailer is so confident about the latest Nokia that they are ready to offer a 40-day money back guarantee with the device. Thus, on purchase of the Nokia Lumia 800 via Clove, the consumer will have 10 days to register for the offer. Once registered, users can retain the device for the for rest of the 40-day period as a part of the scheme.

If the smartphone is damaged,however, the scheme definitely does not work, but if it is in perfect condition and the customer is not satisfied with its performance, then he can give it back and get a full refund, reports Know Your Mobile.

The device, launched last year, has been termed by many as a masterpiece and one of the best smartphones launched last year. The superb hardware combined with Windows Phone Mango operating system definitely works fabulously for it.

In a related development, the massively anticipated Lumia 800 successor Lumia 900 is scheduled to be hit U.S markets in March of this year via AT&T.