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RIM Hires Goldman Sachs to Find Potential Buyer

According to various reports, BlackBerry maker Research in Motion has hired investment banker, Goldman Sachs to investigate potential bidders - which has led to rumours that the company might be planning to sell itself.

An unidentified trader commented that RIM is "up on Goldman" - but at the same time the source also cautioned that this definitely do not mean that a sale can be expected anytime soon.

The possible sale of RIM increased the share price of the troubled BlackBerry maker by 5 percent which settled at $16.44. This definitely gave the company a huge boost as it has been facing a tough time in the stock market with a 74 percent decline over the past 12 months, reports CNET.

Various reports about the acquisition of RIM have been making rounds in the market for a long time. However, RIM's board has shown little interest in selling off the company. About a month ago, there were reports that Amazon was all set to acquire RIM but they had to step back as RIM made it clear they were not interested.

The following day, there was a report in Wall Street Journal that suggested Nokia and Microsoft were interested in jointly bidding for RIM, but again they had to backed off.

But the latest rumours are pretty strong, which seems like good news for investors.