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Samsung Merges Bada OS with Linux OS

Recently, Samsung revealed plans to merge its home grown operating system with the latest Linux based Bada operating system. Specifically designed for touch based smartphones, the Bada operating system was launched in 2010 by Samsung.

First launched with Samsung Wave, Bada benefited from third party applications cultivated via the South Korean tech giant's own app store.

Even though the operating system did receive accolades for being versatile and spiffy, the company featured it only in a few mobile phones as they focused more on Google's Android operating system.

The recent acquisition of its rival in the smartphone market, Motorola Mobility by Google, has forced Samsung to look for a new competent secondary platform. Thus, in partnership with Intel, Samsung has focused on developing Tizen, based on both MeeGo and Linux Mobile based, LiMo.

According to a number of reports, Samsung has started to merge current "Bada sensibilities into Tizen," which will result in Bada ceasing to operate as an independent operating system; it will now work only withmobile phones with Bada software already installed, reports Smart Office.