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Security Still Top Priority for Microsoft Ten Years After Bill Gates' Consumer Trust Email

It has been 10 years since former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates instructed his employees to prioritise the security aspect of the company's software products.

Admittedly, the battle against the dark forces in the digital arena is far from being over, but it seems the company has successfully made its products much more tough to breach in comparison to what it was like some 10 years back, according to a handful of security experts who previously worked for the Redmond based Windows maker.

Gates reportedly emailed all Microsoft employees on January 15, 2002, introducing them to the Trustworthy Computing initiative. He instructed all employees to focus on, and design products that were "as available, reliable and secure as standard services, such as electricity, water service and telephony."

Back then, Windows powered systems all around were under severe attack by a handful of destructive and fast replicating viruses and worms such as Nimda, Code Red, I Love You and many more.

Explaining how important it was to make the security aspect flawless, Gates wrote, "If we don't do this, people simply won't be willing-or able-to take advantage of all the other great work we do," eWeek reports.

Ten years after Gates instructed Microsoft employees to make its software products more reliable and secured, the company's priority remains very much the same, Microsoft's general manager of TwC, explained in a blog post.