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UK game seller GAME website hacked

The UK video game retailer GAME has had its website hacked, with passwords and emails appearing on sites like Pastebin in plain text.

The lists aren't exhaustive and usually number in the hundreds, instead of thousands which would be more likely if the entire GAME network of users was breached, so it seems that perhaps only a portion of the user-base has had their information stolen - though this remains to be seen.

If you have a GAME account,however, it's recommended you change your password as soon as possible and keep your eye out for any GAME related emails that could be potential phishing attempts.

According to Softpedia, the GAME databases contained a shell vulnerability which allowed hackers to gain access and steal information. Security firms over the past year - with the growing trend of publicised hacks - have been encouraging firms to shore up their databases and servers that store customer information. It looks like this retailer didn't listen.

For now, GAME has yet to release an official statement. I've reached out to the firm, but at the time of writing have not received a response.