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US judge rules in favour of Motorola in Apple law suit

Tech juggernaut Apple Inc.'s legal onslaughts against the rival Android family has suffered a massive blow, after the US International Trade Commission has ruled its judgement in favour of Motorola in a key a patent infringement case, filed by the iPhone maker.

Motorola Mobility, one of the key member in the Android family, is being acquired by Google for a massive $12.5 billion.

Apple dragged the US based smartphone maker into a legal battle last year, by accusing the company of infringing on a number of its key patents. Two of those allegedly infringed patents were associated with tough screen technology.

However, according to Theodore Essex, the ITC judge hearing the case, Apple's accusations were not valid as he did not discover any sign whatsoever about Motorola infringing on any Apple patents. The judge has refrained from giving a detailed overview of his findings.

It is worth mentioning that after being put through all those patent infringement charges, Motorola retaliated by filing a counter lawsuit against Apple. This was over allegations that the iPhone maker had infringed on some of its own proprietary technologies.

Apple is yet to make an official statement regarding its loss in this crucial legal battle against Motorola.