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BT to launch new Internet TV service in the UK with built in social networking

BT is all set to kick start a brand new Internet TV service, with the view of offering users a much more personalised experience in addition to a handful of social media elements on the same platform, according to the Financial Times.

BT has also confirmed that it is planning to launch a new offering in the UK's pay TV market. However, the company refrained from providing any details regarding the content, or the release date of the forthcoming service.

According to industry experts, the move taken by BT could be a counter step to nullify any adverse effect on the company's revenues - due to Netflix's entry in the UK market, last week. Netflix happens to be one of most popular providers of on demand Internet streaming media in the US, Canada as well as in many Latin American countries.

CEO of BT, Ian Livingston stated in an exclusive statement to the FT that his company was planning to bring "true interactivity to the TV set, which is the most watched screen in the house".

"I think that will change viewing habits quite considerably. It won't happen overnight but I think it's the start of something quite big," he added.