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Citigroup Study Finds Text Messaging on the Decline Throughout Europe

A new study reveals that the trend of using text messages as a mode of communication is steadily on the decline, and is being fast replaced by new generation platforms such as iMessage and social media sites.

The study,carried out by the Citigroup, found that there was a significant drop in the usage of text messages during the last Christmas and New Year's Eve. The study covered most of Europe.

Citigroup further stated that the decline in SMS use has been primarily caused by increasingly popular social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Apple's iMessage.

Finland - the home turf of the world's largest cell phone maker (by shipment) Nokia was no exception in this trend either. According to data provided by Finland's largest wireless carrier, TeliaSonera, SMS usage this past Christmas dropped by 22 percent as compared to last year.

"The true impact of changes in behaviour around Facebook, Twitter and Apple's latest move to provide automatic text rerouting through iMessenger have not yet been felt," stated Simon Weeden, an analyst at Citigroup, according to a Financial Times report.