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Everything Everywhere to sell off part of Orange and T-Mobile network

UK based telecom operator Everything Everywhere has announced that the company is currently considering the idea of divesting a portion of its 1800 MHz spectrum, before OfCom kick starts its 4G spectrum auction later in the year.

Everything Everywhere is the UK umbrella mobile phone network, which contains the telecom giants T-Mobile and Orange. The company was asked by the European Commission in early 2010 to divest almost 25-percent of the 1800 MHz network, in possession of both T-Mobile and Orange.

As of now, the company is exploiting the 1800 MHz for its 2G services. A spokesperson from the company confirmed that Everything Everywhere is currently in talks with a number of external advisers, regarding how to go ahead with selling its spectrum.

The spokesperson also stated that the company is negotiating with Royal Bank of Scotland, to overseeing the sale.

"Once we have appointed a body to oversee the sale, we can set a date for it and then we will begin conversation with potential buyers - and we want to do this sooner rather than later," said the spokesperson, according to a report in Telecoms.

"For the sale of our spectrum, we might look at having a private sale," he added.