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Google to spend tens of millions on print adverts educating on user on-line privacy

Having been subject to some fierce criticism from all concerned, Internet search engine giant Google is reportedly planning to invest a rather hefty amount on adverts in U.S based magazines, newspapers. This is in addition to public places, with all these ads urging for people to safeguard their personal information over the Web.

Google is already under severe pressure from privacy watchdogs, which are currently looking into all the changes the company has made in its search engine to feature Google Plus photos, comments, as well as status messages in search results.

The campaign, according to reports, will be aimed at teaching people on how to secure their privacy online, by issuing various practical ideas and tips.

Alma Whitten, the company's director of privacy, stated that the new effort, dubbed 'Good to Know', is indeed "quite ambitious".

"Given who we are, we have a strong incentive to make the Internet a place that people feel safe to do interesting things," Whitten stated, according to a report in the Los Angeles Times.

The budget allotted for the campaign is believed to be fixed in the tens of millions. However, the company at present, is not willing to disclose how much is actually allocated.