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HP debuts Vantage Point 132 inch multi-touch display

Hewlett Packard has unveiled a new display that stretches across a massive 132 inches, featuring six HD panels and supporting up to 32 point multi-touch control.

Due to its size, the display is capable of running at a resolution of 4098x1526, making it more than capable of handling any future advances in high definition media. Of course for now it's more likely to be used as a multi-photo/video viewer, with the multi-touch controls allowing several people to make fine tune adjustments.

If you spent the insane £80,000 that it costs to get your hand on one of these Vantage Point displays, you might be worried that someone using touch control might press a bit too hard and break your fancy new hardware. Fortunately, HP has thought of this already, covering the entire thing with Corning's Gorilla Glass, making it pretty damn hard to do damage to.

One of the downsides to a technology jump like this however, is that it requires quite a lot of processing power to handle such a large display. With the demo unit, HP used a dual core processor desktop, though T3's report doesn't have any word on what graphics processing unit was used.