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IBM manages to record information on just 12 atoms

The US based multinational technology giant International Business Machine - more commonly referred to as IBM - has announced, on a proud note, that the company's researchers have successfully developed the smallest ever magnetic memory storage.

Apparently, the researchers managed to record 'a bit' into only 12 iron atoms, IBM explained. The details regarding this revolutionary research has been covered in the latest issue of Science.

The achievement bagged by the company is truly a remarkable one - especially keeping in mind how the existing technology requires near about a million of atoms, all in order to record a single bit on the modern hard drive.

The researcher clarified that below 12 atoms, the recorded bit lost information in a random manner owing to quantum effects.

However, it is important to note here that though revolutionary in nature, the new technology will certainly take some time before finally making its way from the researchers' lab, to the consumer market.

"The approach that we used is to jump to the very end, check if we can store information in one atom, and if not one atom, how many do we need?" researcher Sebastian Loth said in a statement to BBC News.