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Matias Introduces Single Keyboard for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac

Use a single keyboard for iPad, iPhone, PC or Mac. Computer accessory designer Matias has come up with a solution to keep our desktops a little less busy.

If annoyed by having to keep a wireless keyboard for your iPad next to the regular one you use for a PC or Mac, Matias makes having a single keyboard for computer iPad, iPhone, or even BlackBerry (although Research in Motion provided its smartphones with well known physical keyboards) a reality.

According to Wired, One Keyboard is available in four models: Standard, BlackBerry, Slim and Tactile. Prices range from $80 (Slim) to $200 (Tactile), with Standard and BlackBerry models offered at $100.

All the keyboards are wired; the USB providing power for the Bluetooth connection to the mobile device. The most expensive version is specially made to accommodate the iPhone with 3-port high speed USB 2.0 hub and sculpted keytops, one of the main features of the award winning Tactile Pro, also introduced by Matias.

Matias gained fans with another intriguing folding keyboard and with a half board with a ultra compact design that "allows one-handed touch-typing using your existing skills."