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Microsoft: No Xbox One announcement at E3 2012

It looks like Microsoft won't be unveiling a next generation home console at this year's E3, with Microsoft's senior marketing director Jose Pinero stating that "At the moment, we have nothing to announce."

Rumours have been circulating for a while that along with Nintendo's planned unveiling of the Wii U expected to occur at E3, possibly with some playable demos, Microsoft and Sony would follow suit, showing off their own next generation console offerings. However, just a few days ago Executive Deputy President Kaz Hirai said Sony wouldn't be debuting a Playstation 4 - now it looks like the Xbox 720 'Loop' won't be showing up either.

"What we have seen with the Xbox 360 is that the Kinect has extended the life of the console," continued Jose Pinero. "Historically in the 6th or 7th year console sales start flattening or going down because it's kind of the end of life."

Of course this could all be smoke and mirrors, designed to lower expectations before a big reveal by the Xbox maker sometime between now and E3, or indeed at the show itself. For now at least though, Microsoft is pretty keen for people to think there's nothing going on.

"With us launching Kinect a little bit over a year ago, what we saw was a resurgence with Xbox 360. It makes 360 a brand new console if you think about Kinect and you think about the new dashboard and the new UI that we launched this past November. It's like having a brand new console." I guess?

"We want that box to be the ultimate entertainment device in your house, giving you games, movies, tv shows, music, sports, and all kinds of entertainment. So I think there's a lot more that we'll see on Xbox 360," Pinero concluded.

This is something that most console makers are trying to do. The next round of consoles is thought to be geared towards being more of an entertainment centre than just a games machine. TV recording is one touted feature, with motion controls and streaming movies coming over from current generations.