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New Facebook App Allows Users to Leave Messages from Beyond the Grave

Facebook has introduced a new application that allows users to deliver their final words from beyond their graves. "If I die" is a third party application through which the user can record any video or text message which will be published after his/her death.

After installing this application, the user has to select three "trustees" from his Facebook friends list. The trustees will then confirm if the user is dead; once all three of them confirm the person is dead, Facebook will release the message or video on the dead person's Facebook wall.

According to the app developer, Willook, an Israel based startup, "The possibilities for your farewell message are endless."

The promotional message for the app states, "It can be a big farewell, a favorite joke, a long-kept secret, an old score you wanted to settle, or even some valuable advice," reports the New York Daily News.

It is not the first time users have attempted to preserve the digital afterlife. There are services like Legacy Locker which operate to maintain web pages after a person's death.

Even though it is yet to be known how many times the app has been downloaded, its Facebook page has managed to receive as man as 4,628 "likes" as of Friday evening.