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New Intel Tablets with Windows 8 OS Rumoured to Cost Between $600-$900

If rumours are to be believed, then Intel tablets powered by Microsoft's Windows 8 platform will be made available starting at $600; at the maximum, $900.

According to various sources, the reason behind such a high price is the unwillingness of both companies to bring down the rates of their hardware and software quotes, and thus, the consumer will have to pay a heavy price to get the device.

The tablet computer market is growing rapidly and it has became a cause of worry for many companies that are lagging behind. Unfortunately, Microsoft is facing hard time because of Apple devices and the Google Android platform. At the same time, Intel is facing very stiff competition from ARM whose processors are used in almost all mobile phone devices.

Thus, it seems that with the above pricing it will be difficult for both companies to earn substantial market share, but, at the same time, if they lower the price this might damage the pricing in the PC market and also reduce the gross margin performance of the two companies, reports Digi Times.

All the other companies are ready with their various products and this Windows Phone based Intel tablet computer will definitely face good competition, so it may come down to the performance of this device to make it stand out from the rest.