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Samsung to merge Bada mobile phone OS with Tizen platform

South Korea based consumer electronic goods maker Samsung has announced that it is currently in talks with Intel, to merge its proprietary Bada operating system with the Tizen platform.

The move, according to various industry experts, is primarily aimed at reducing the Galaxy maker's growing dependence on Google's Android platform.

When and if, the integration process happens, Tizen will be supporting the mobile applications based on the Bada's software development kit (SDK). The integration will also offer backwards compatibility, with all the older Bada apps.

Samsung happens to be the largest contributor to the Android family, when it comes to the annual sales-figures.

The reports of Bada's integration with the Intel backed Tizen started to emerge after Samsung's Senior Vice President Kang Tae-jin stated that the company was negotiating with Intel.

"We have an effort that will merge bada and Tizen," Kang Tae-jin commented during an interview with Forbes. A Samsung spokesperson has since confirmed the senior vice president's remark, as the official stance on the issue.

It is important to note that Bada, despite being quite a promising platform, did not get too much of attention from Samsung, as the company started focussing more on the Android platform for their smartphone and tablet products.

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