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Telltale CEO hails the return of point and click

The CEO of Telltale games, Dan Connors, has been discussing how he feels that the point and click genre is making a come back thanks to the growth of social and casual gaming.

Connors began by commenting on the line that's often drawn between the hundreds of millions of "gamers" that spend their time managing virtual farms and mob cartels on Facebook, and those that take control of a battle hardened space marine, gunning down aliens and muscle bulging monsters.

He described that the biggest different between these two camps isn't necessarily the games they are playing, but the platform choice and the ability to use a controller. Making a control scheme as simple as possible, something that anyone can use is very important, and "there's nothing more accessible than point and click."

Connors also said that the kind of games that Telltale makes, puzzle games with some humour thrown in, act like a "palette cleanser, between shooting soldiers and zombies and fighting elves." With a control scheme that's not far from a touch screen or mouse, point and click games are a simple progression and feature a similarly non-rushed and puzzling game play as mobile and social titles.

Episodic content was also discussed, with Connors saying that it works well with micro-transaction pricing structures, something that casual gamers are more used to. He also said he liked DLC, describing himself as a "development dork" because of his excitement over it. It's a similar sales technique to episodic, which is exactly what he's wanting to promote.

The interview with Games Industry (requires free account signup) closed out with a look to the future, with Connors talking Walking Dead and multi-platform development. "I think this year is all about connecting the experience across multiple devices in the right way. Like right now people are moving their content from device to device but nobody's figured out how to really support the product on different devices and make a holistic thing."

With the TV and Comic inspired Zombie apocalypse, the biggest part of it is spreading the word. "With Walking Dead for us, being that the show is coming back on and people are really loving the show, figuring out the right way to let people know that the game exists and all the stuff you have in the show, there's a lot more to the story and it lives in this other media, that's our big challenge. And I think with Fables after that we're looking at that later in the year and that's going to be a real interesting one too, because it's another comic book. So I think this is going to be our serious graphic novel year. And we'll probably announce another licence as well."