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Ice Cream Sandwich Arrives on HP TouchPad, CyanogenMod 9 Alpha now Available

The moment many HP TouchPad owners have been waiting for has arrived, as they can now access software to enable Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on their tablet, courtesy of the folks at CyanogenMod.

You can download and install what its developers call a “super-special and creamy” release via Rootzwiki, although they do emphasise this is an 'Alpha 0' release. This means, as the CyanogenMod team puts it, “zero hardware-accelerated video, zero camera, and zero support!”

Nonetheless, this is a very welcome bonus to TouchPad owners, particularly those who may have picked up the tablet for just £89 last year, when HP decided to discontinue the tablet.

Another bonus is that they're making all the source code available for CyanogenMod 9, so developers can build CyanogenMod 9 themselves from scratch. By open-sourcing CM 9, it is hoped that developers will contribute bug fixes and improvements to the software.

A few days ago a demo video showing Ice Cream Sandwich on the TouchPad with CM9 was posted online. At the time it was mentioned there were still some limitations, and that is also the case with this 'Alpha 0' release.

Apparently the camera doesn't work, audio is apparently “a mess” and issues with hardware video means that Netflix, for example, doesn't work at present.