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Anonymous Plans Major Attack on Sony for Backing SOPA

With the motive of punishing Sony for extending its support to the very controversial Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), the hacktivist group Anonymous has decided to hack the company website on Monday.

The infamous hacktivist group has plans in place to infiltrate and load on its homepage various BitTorrent files which will allow users to directly download huge numbers of copyright-protected movies and music, SC Magazine reports.

As a matter of fact, SOPA, which is being considered by the US Congress, has been specifically designed to prevent this type of illegal downloading.

Besides, hacking into the official website of the company, Anonymous will also be attacking Sony Music's online store. If the group actually succeeds in doing so, then various personal details of Sony executives will also be uploaded onto the tampered-with homepage.

Calling the defaced page "the payload" Anonymous will attempt to redirect Sony website visitors from all over the world to this page.

SOPA has become a point of controversy all throughout the web world. Besides Sony, it has been supported by CBS, Revlon, the International Association of Fire Fighters, MasterCard Worldwide and many others, according to US Judiciary Committee lists.

Whereas, it has been opposed by Facebook, Google, Wikipedia and many web giants who fear the act will lead to censorship of the internet that will quash freedom and hamper innovation.

Wikipedia has even decided to black-out its website for 24 hours today (Wednesday 18th) in protest against the legislation.