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Apple Files Patent Infringment Lawsuit Against Samsung in Germany

Samsung and Apple are currently engaged in another patent war in German court over 10 smartphone devices. This time Apple is trying to get Samsung Galaxy S II along with a few other smartphone devices banned from sale in Germany.

Apple has accused Samsung of violating various patent design rights on ten smartphones - Apple seeks to remove them from the German market. The list of Samsung devices includes five unnamed tablets that are being attacked by Apple with issues "related to a September ruling banning the galaxy 10.1."

The patent lawsuit involves Samsung Android powered Galaxy S II, Galaxy S Plus and a number of Samsung brand tablets.

A spokesman for Düsseldorf Regional Court, confirmed that Apple successfully acquired "two lawsuit designs" related to smartphone designs in the country and is now planning to utilise them against the South Korean tech giant, reports T3.

For the record, both companies are engaged in patent related lawsuits all across the globe. There are lawsuits filed in many countries and both companies have claimed that the other has infringed various patent rights related to touch screen technology, design and so on and so forth.