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Apple iPhone 5 To Replace Swiping With Squeezing

There is still more than a half of year to immerse ourselves in to the rumour frenzy surrounding the release of the sixth generation of the Apple iPhone. However, the speculation has started early, as the rumours are getting more intriguing and becoming increasingly hard to keep up with.

The latest news on this topic suggests that Apple should be implementing a new concept in the design of iPhone 5 - two home buttons, on either side of the mobile. Kris Groen has sent a mock-up video to AppAdvice has suggested the cool and captivating concept.

The video shows an iPhone 5, with a big display, a slim body, with the device lacking the well-known home button. Instead, there are two home buttons placed on either side of the concept iPhone.

Squeezing the two buttons at the same time would take the user to the Apple handset's home screen, while squeezing just once would replace the swipe move.

In using these side home buttons, users can browse through apps, songs, photo albums, emails, calendar, videos or any other files.

Having the old home button removed from the home screen would allow for a bigger screen too. To make the next generation iPhone even more enticing, the AppAdvice reader suggests that iPhone 5 should have, in addition to a 4 inch Retina Display, a 10 MP large sensor camera.