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Apple Number 8 on Interbrand's World's Top 100 Brands

Apple has climbed up to number 8 in the latest edition of Interbrand's World's Top 100 Brands.

The improved performance of the company, according to the list's publishers, has been primarily driven by consistently rising revenue, which in turn, is the inevitable outcome of the growing popularity of Apple products.

In the last year's edition, Apple had placed 17th. However, within a span of one year, the company's value significantly increased to $22.49 billion as compared to last year's $21.14 billion.

Amongst other tech giants, Google also managed to reserve a place for itself in the top 10 list of world's most valuable brands.

The Mountain View based search giant is still at number four - the same spot it managed to secure in 2010. The company's value has increased remarkably though - by about $12 billion in one year.

"The Cupertino tech giant has seen the biggest change in brand value with a 58 percent increase, while Microsoft's has decreased by 3 percent," as reportedby Gadgets and Gizmos.

Intel and HP managed to secure 7th and 10th place on the list respectively.