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HTC Releases Unlocked Bootloaders for Six More Android Powered Devices

Two weeks ago, HTC released unlocked bootloaders for their five Android platform based smartphones. Now HTC developers have released bootloader unlock support for an additional six smartphones.

The latest smartphones to get the bootloader unlock support include the HTC Status, HTC Desire Z, HTC ChaCha, HTC Incredible, HTC Aria and the HTC T Mobile G2. This brings the total number of unlockable HTC smartphones to 28.

While Android Community had already unlocked some of these devices, the official release is definitely a better and safer method to unlock the bootloader as the HTC developer team has provided a five step unlocking process for these devices.

It seems the developer is working in full-time to provide bootloader unlock support for as many smartphones as possible. If they maintain this pace, then probably over the next few months, all the Android platform based HTC devices will be able to be unlocked easily by users and app developers. However, the company has advised that until and unless the user is sure of what he is doing, he should not attempt to bootload the device as it might get damaged.

The use of these official unlock tools or those developed by Android Community involves an equal amount of risk for rooting or unlocking phones, reports Android and Me.