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Identities of Koobface Facebook Worm Cyber-criminals Outed

The perpetrators behind the Koobface internet worm which has spread like wild fire around the Web by exploiting social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, have been named.

The move comes after security experts from Facebook and other organisations carried out an extensive investigation and tracked down the worm to St Petersburg.

The Koobface worm allegedly gave the perpetrators control over hundreds of thousands of infected computers from all across the world.

Security analysts at Sophos have published some important details of its extensive investigation into the worm on its official blog.

Senior technology consultant at Sophos, Graham Cluley, said in a statement to the BBC that his company has successfully identified the cybercriminals behind Koobface.

"We're pretty confident. I mean obviously we have to assume these people are innocent until proven guilty," Cluley stated, according to the BBC report.

"It's very difficult to be 100% certain of these things. Of course it's always possible that someone could be trying to frame these people, but the evidence feels pretty strong to us," he added.