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Image of New Sony Ericsson Windows Phone 7 Leaked Online

Leaked images of a new Windows Phone 7 powered Sony Ericsson handset have surfaced on the web.

The leaked device is very similar to the Xperia with the company logo at the top. In fact, due to its bulkiness, many reports are suggesting it might have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. However, the company has not made any comment yet.

The brand name Sony Ericsson also suggests that in case this smartphone is actually planned, then it might be launched before mid-year. This is because there will be a rebranding of this manufacturer as Sony completes its buyout of partner Ericsson, reports Know Your Mobile.

However, the leaked device might also be a prototype which means the company might release it afterward under a different brand name.

No matter what the future holds for this device, it seems like an apt Windows Phone as Sony Ericsson has a very good record of visual design and display along with the capability to optimise a single core processor.

But these are just speculations, and it seems like fans have no other option but to wait for the company to make an official announcement regarding the device.