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iPhone Owners Buy More Apps than Android Users

Analysts have recently discovered that Apple device owners are more likely to pay for their apps, after they have tried the free version, and much more than Android users.

Eric Setton, a founder and the chief technical officer of Tango, suggested this conclusion after comparing the evolution of the apps that his company has submitted on both the Android Market and also the Apple App Store.

Tango is a free video calling service, with over 30 million clients. Starting mid-December last year, the company announced two services: one video voice mail another allowing animation to overlay on video calling. Users had some free features, where for additional services they had to pay a fee.

More than a half (55-percent) of Tango's customers had Android powered devices, where it turned out that Apple fans became better paying clients. The conversion rate from free users to paying customers was four times higher on iOS powered devices.

The reason for this might rely in the convenience offered by iTunes, to its customers. "It comes from years of collecting credit card numbers on iTunes. People can use their stored credit card numbers and purchase things easily, punching in a credit card number on Android is more work," explained Eric Setton.